V-TAC™ Fly Trap

..... Irresistible attraction - hygiene protection through effective control .....

The V-Tac® 500 units are unique and innovative fly traps and are suitable for use in a wide variety of locations, particularly those in which aesthetics are an important consideration. The V-Tac® 500 trap is stylishly designed to look similar to a light furnishing or fixture - ideal for when appearance is of primary concern, or alternatively if a discreet application is required.

How does V-Tac® 500 flying insect trap work?

The V-Tac® 500 unit attracts flying insects by emitting UV light at 350 nanometres, the optimum wavelength for insect attraction. Attracted into the V-Tac® unit by the UV light, insects are entrapped on a glue board discretely hidden within it. The glue board is easily accessible and is quick and easy to change. Owing to the shape and the opaque steel construction, the flies enter the V-Tac® unit from the top, concealing any trace that the unit is a fly-trap at all.

Model: V-Tac 500:

Free standing unit.

• Dimensions: 315mm (h) x 330mm (w) 160mm (d).
• Effective in room sizes up to 90 m².
• Made from white powder coated steel.
• 1 x PL 18W energy efficient UV bulb, 220-240 V Mains operated.
• Complies with BS EN 60598-1: 1997 BS EN 60598-2:1 1989.
• Replacement glue boards and bulbs available ~ No need for expensive maintenance.
• Emits UV light at 350 nanometres ~ Optimum wavelength for insect attraction.
• Choice of wall mounted or free standing unit allowing unit to be tailored to suit each individual application.